Welcome to Cornucopia!

Lynne Dougherty started Cornucopia in 1976 as a necessity to her health.  There were only a couple of stores in the Sayville area back then.  She was diagnosed with multiple allergies and imbalances pertaining to them.  She got help from a wonderful holistic doctor who was a pioneer in holistic medicine.  Lynne figured she was not the only person in our area to have needs of natural foods without coloring, preservatives, etc. so she decided to open a store.  With some wood shelving her husband made, and only $3000 from her savings Cornucopia was founded.   39 years later, it has now become a family affair with Lynne's 3 grown children involved in the day to day working of the store.  The key people in the store embrace the lifestyle and pass that on.  Our wish is to give back to the community who has supported us all these years.